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(Zapiski Imperatorskogo Odesskogo Obshchestva Istorii i Drevnostey)
(Izvestiya Imperatorskoy Arkgheologicheskoy Komissii)
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(Izvestiya Tavricheskogo Obschestva Istorii, Arheologii i Etnografii)
(Materiali po Arheologii Rossii)
(Otchyoty Imperatorskoy Arkgheologicheskoy Komissii)
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Help and usefull information page

Dear Reader, we are pleased to show you our digital library structure. This resource's creators would appreciate if you not only download necessary books but also inform us about your suggestions how to improve this Web page and its contents.

***************************** HOW CAN I DOWNLOAD A BOOK AND READ IT? ***************************

Our digital library offers every book for download in two different formats. You can choose one of the possibilities.

  1. Book in PDF format. Press to download.
    The most popular program for viewing documents in this format is Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is freeware. You can download setup files from the Adobe Corporation official website at the product page. The size of files to download depends on version number and averages in dozens of megabytes.

    As an alternative solution, we can recommend you Foxit Reader software by Foxit Company. This software is compact and easy to install. You can download Foxit Reader 2.0 from our site (the file size is 1.7 Mb). You can download the latest version from the website of the vendor.

    To read a book, start Foxit Reader and open downloaded book through it.

  2. Book in DjVu format. Press to download.
    If this is the first time you meet DjVu, and your computer cannot read files of this type, there are two alternatives:
    1. Application software: for example WinDjView (the project official website). This software is compact (the file size is 0.53 Mb) and you do not need to install it. You can download WinDjView-0.4.3 from our site (the file size is 0.53 Mb). You can download the latest version from the website of the vendor.
      Start the program and open DjVu book through it.
    2. Plug-in for browser: one of the companies providing the development and application of DjVu format is LizardTech Company. The company offers special plug-in as a way of viewing DjVu documents; it is easy and quickly integrated to your Web browser so you will be able to view DjVu documents with standard browser.

      There are two ways to install this plug-in: you can either download installation program for all types of browsers (you can pick it up from our site (click here), the file size is 7 Mb, or from LizardTech downloads page), or set up the plug-in automatically. For the moment, auto setup supports Internet Explorer only. Approximate file size is 0.9 Mb.

When using our resource, please pay attention to the size of the files; it will be indicated if you direct the cursor to the icon with versions offered for download (PDF/DjVu).

*********************** HOW CAN I FIND THE BOOK THAT IS INTERESTING TO ME? ************************

In order to find the book that is interested to you quickly, you can use automatic search option through this website. Enter a word, or part of a word, or few words that could appear in the article title, or author's name in the entry field. You can also indicate page numbers. Then press Search.

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